Alathiyur is a busy junction town and a suburban of Tirur town in Malappuram district of Kerala. Alathiyur serves as a administrative and business headquarters of Tripangode panchayath. Alathiyur is an important pilgrimage centre and a ring of temples encircle Alathiyur town from all sides. Alathiyur is a vibrant place of Hindu tradition and culture. It was one of the major Brahmin settlement in Kerala.

Alathiyur has a flat landscape with paddy fields and sometimes lotus are also cultivated. It lies 6 kilometers from Arabian Sea coast. Alathiyur experiences a moderate coastal climate along with monsoon weather.

Ring of Temples

Alathiyur is a blessed junction which is surrounded by eight major Hindu temples of western Malappuram district. Pulloonikavu Bhagavathi Temple, Garudankavu Temple, Thrikandiyoor Temple, Vairamkode Bhagavathi Temple, Hanuman Temple, Tripangode Shiva Temple, Tirunavaya Navamukunda Temple and Chamravattom Ayyappan Temple, all of which are within a radius of 10 kilometres from Alathiyur junction. All these temples are easily accessible from Alathiyur via roads.

Eventhogh Alathiyur is a hub of Hindu pilgrimage and tradition, it is a muslim majority area where there are a substantial amount of Hindu population who co-exists in harmony. BP Angadi Yahu Thangal Jaram is situated nearby on Tirur road which is known for its huge annual nercha and processions in which all communities take part irrespective of religion and caste. There is a huge participation of Hindus and Christians in nercha. Many muslims frequently visit Hindu temples in the area.

Alathiyur is comparatively above average in human development indexes. Gulf diaspora is the main source of income behind fast growing infrastructure and residential buildings. Non-resident Indians, who live in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman, send remittances to home. Many people work in fishing and related industries due to its proximity to sea.

Garudankavu Temple

Garudan Kavu temple is a lone temple in Kerala dedicated to Garuda, a mount (vahana) of  Hindu God Vishnu, which is situated in Vellamassery village near Tirur in Malappuram district, Kerala. The temple is known for an unusual offerings of live snakes by devotees who bear sarpa doshas (wrath of serpent gods) to be saved from these. Hundreds of years old temple has wrapped myths of Perumthachan, a son of twelve sons of Parayipetta Panthirukulam.

Alathiyur Nambi

Alathiyur Nambimar or Alathiyur Mana stands atop of mythology of Vettathunadu in modern Malappuram district of Kerala. Alathiyur Mana was an adobe of Ayurveda medicine and was one of the Ashtavaidya families in Kerala. Ashtavaidyans are eight Ayurvedic practitioners families who were masters of traditional Ayurveda in Kerala. Alathiyur Mana is believed to have hosted Ashwani Kumaras, twin gods associated with medicine and Ayurveda.

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