Kuttippuram is a southern town in the Malappuram district that borders with Palakkad district, between which Bharatapuzha, the second longest river in Kerala meanders carrying more water than any other river in Kerala during monsoon season. Once part of the Valluvanadu kingdom of Angadipuram, has a distinct form of culture perpetuated through a long tradition of Brahmanical and Islamic culture. Kuttippuram Bridge which is a paramount landmark in Kuttippuram, was inaugurated in the year 1953 by the then Madras Government, expedited vehicle traffic through Kuttippuram, and the town rose into prominence even though the town had a railway.

Kuttippuram panchayath in Malappuram and Anakkara panchayath in Palakkad lie on opposite sides of the Bharatapuzha River. There is a common saying among people about both towns that goes “Kutti ippuram” and “Ana akkara”. In Malayalam, “Kutti” means a peg to tie an elephant, and “ippuram” means this side of the river. Meanwhile, “Ana” means elephant, and “akkara” means other side of the river.

Bharatapuzha, a westward-flowing river suddenly turns south and then north to create a U-shaped pattern near Kuttippuram. Thoothapuzha, a major tributary merges with Bharatapuzha at Irimbiliyam near Kuttippuram.

Kuttippuram Railway Station is one of the oldest railway stations in Kerala. The first railway line in Kerala, the Tirur – Beypore line was laid on March 12, 1861, and on the same year on May 1, 1861, Kuttippuram station became operational. Kuttoppuram along with Tirur station serve as a central point for pilgrims traveling to famous temples located nearby. Kadampuzha Baghavathy Temple and Tirunavaya Navamukunda Temple are located within 10 kilometre radius of the station. The famous Guruvayoor temple is situated 40 kilometers from Kuttippuram station. Many buses are running between Guruvayoor and Kuttippuram station. Kuttippuram station often witnesses a large influx of travelers, especially during religious festivals or peak pilgrimage seasons. Kuttippuram provides necessary transportation links and services to pilgrimage centers. Historical Mamamkam monument site which is located 5 kilometres away from town.

Kuttippuram Bridge

The Kuttippuram Bridge is a distinctive and attractive bridge that connects the south and north shores of the Bharathappuzha River (also known as Nila), the second-longest river in Kerala. It is a landmark symbol not only for Kuttippuram but also for the Malappuram district. The bridge connects Tirur Taluk and Ponnani Taluk, Kuttippuram and Tavanur Panchayats, and Kottakkal and Tavanur Legislative Assembly Constituencies.

Kuttippuram was chosen for this important bridge due to its lesser distance from Malabar to Thiru-Kochi or Travancore-Cochin state via road. Malabar was part of Madras state while Thiru-Kochi was a separate state before the formation of Kerala soon after independence. Even though a railway line existed in Kuttippuram, major road transport from Kozhikode to Kochi was via Perinthalmanna- Cherpulassery-Ottappalam-Shornur. The bridge is part of NH 66 which connects Mumbai and Kanyakumari. Currently, it is in the confluence of three districts, Palakkad, Malappuram, and Thrissur. Kuttippuram Bridge provides easy transportation among three districts.

The famous Mallur Shiva temple is located at the entrance of the bridge. Mallur temple is known as “Mini Pampa” and it is the only “idathavalam” or halting station for Sabarimala pilgrims in Malappuram district. Wide roads, parking facilities, restaurants, and a riverside resting center make this area a perfect location for Idathavalam. Usually, pilgrims take a bath in the Nila River and pray in the temple then proceed to Sabarimala. Temple authorities have arranged all necessary infrastructure in the temple and twenty-four hours of lifeguard services are provided for pilgrims due to strong undercurrents in the river. There is a Shiva statue overlooking the river Bharathappuzha attracts pilgrims here. It is believed that the Mallur Shiva Parvathy temple has a history of 2000 years.

Keltron Electro Ceramics LTD.

KELTRON ELECTRO CERAMICS LTD. a state PSU under the Industries Dept, Government of Kerala, is a subsidiary of Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (KELTRON). The manufacturing units are located on the shore of Bharathappuzha near Tangalpadi. More than a hundred employees work in Keltron Kuttippuram.

MES Engineering College

MES Engineering College Kuttippuram is the first self-financing engineering college in Kerala which is located on the shore of Bharathappuzha. The college lies on Kuttippuram – Thrithala road at Thangalpadi, Thrikkanapuram. The college has a magnificent view of Bharathappuzha from Campus. The college was established in 1994 and inaugurated in 1998 by then Chief Minister E.K Nayanar. The college is affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.

Sree Varahamoorthy Temple

Panniyoor Sree Varahamoorthy Bhoomidevi temple is located in Kumbidi which is 10 10-minute ride from the town and is believed to be the first temple in Kerala. Parashuram after the victory over Kshatriyas donated everything to Kashyap. He sought a peaceful land for meditation. So he pulled out a piece of land from the sea and with the advice of Lord Vishnu he erected the temple in the middle of erected land. It is said that Panniyoor temple was worshipped as the supreme God of Kerala for almost 1300 years from 800 BC to 600 AD during the reign of Brahmanas in Kerala. Some archeological evidence found from Kumbidi and surrounding areas shows that there was an active organization called “Panniyoorayiram” that existed here. 1000 members carried out all cultural and religious activities of the temple.


In Kuttippuram grama panchayath, Islam is the predominant faith, shaping the cultural landscape with mosques serving as prominent landmarks. However, Hinduism holds a substantial presence, weaving its rich traditions into the daily life of the community. Anakkara which is opposite side of Kuttippuram is predominantly a Hindu community area. A smaller Christian minority also adds to the area’s religious tapestry, with their churches serving as quiet pockets of devotion. This blend of faiths fosters a unique cultural experience, where diverse practices and beliefs coexist harmoniously.

Kuttippuram is the stronghold of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). CPI(M) is the second-largest political party.

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