Valanchery is a major town and a fast growing municipality which lies on the south western part of Malappuram district, Kerala. Valanchery, which is part of Tirur taluk, is only six kilometres away from Malappuram-Palakkad border town Thiruvegappura. Valanchery and neighboring areas are one of the early human settlement which dates back to Iron Age. Human settlements flourished in the valley of Bharatapuzha and Thoothapuzha. Both Bharatapuzha, also known as Nila, and Thoothapuzha (Kunthipuzha) merges at Irimbiliyam which is only six kilometres away from Valanchery town.


Valanchery and neighboring areas have a long history of human settlements. There are evidences of pre-historic human settlements that were discovered by researchers near the premises of Parambathu Kavu Bhagavathi Temple in Vendallur. Hundreds of clay dolls, date back to medieval period, have been discovered from the hillock of Vendallur.

As Valanchery is situated on the valley of Bharatapuzha river, the place was an ancient Brahmin settlement. Valanchery is part of proposed  “Parayipetta Panthirukulam tourism circuit “. Rayiranelloor hill, the adobe of Naranath Bhranthan and Sree Varahamoorthi Temple where Perunthachan’s chisel has kept, are close to Valanchery. Several monuments and Brahmin traditions confirm that this area was once an active Brahmin settlement. Pannier Sree Varahamoorthi Temple in Kumbidi, Rayiranelloor hill of Naranath Bhranthan and Kattumadam Mana of Irimbiliyam are the remnants of Brahmin past. Athavanad, the land of Azhvancheri Thambrakkal, which lies western part of Valanchery.

In the medieval period, Valanchery was part of Valluvanadu Swaroopam of Angadipuram. Powerful Valluvanadan dynasty extended their borders from Bharatapuzha on south and Panthaloor Mala near Manjeri on north. Angadipuram was the capital of Valluvanadu. Valluvanadu Valluvakonathiries were inherited the the titles to preside over “Mamamkam” from Chera dynasty until Samoothiri (Zamorion) of Kozhikode took over the title of “Rakshapurusha”  or “protector of Mamamkam”. Mamamkam was one of the largest business, trade and religious festival in South India. Samoothiri took over the custodianship of Mamamkam after a bloody battle which killed many of the royal family. To avenge the death of princes and shame brought to Valluvanadu, commanders pledged oath to kill Samoothiri during Mamamkam festival. Sticking to their pledge, each time when Mamamkam was held in Tirunavaya, a suicidal squad of Valluvanadu were sent to Tirunavaya.

Demography of Valanchery

Valanchery is predominantly a Muslim majority town, but a substantial amount of Hindu population live in Valanchery. Both communities co-exist in harmony. More than 70% of population belongs to Muslim community and rest of them are Hundu community. There is small presence of Christians in Valanchery. Comparing to other towns in Malappuram, Valanchery has a diverse Hindu-Muslim culture. Several temple festivals including Parambathu Kavu Bhagavathi Temple Vela are celebrated in Valanchery.

Commercial centre

Valanchery is a busy commercial and shopping town, which attracts hundreds of people from adjacent areas. There are plenty of shops for food, electronics and clothing as well as many bigger supermarkets and hypermarkets which sells national and international brands. Valanchery, a service oriented economy, which rely on mainly gulf remittances from non-resident Indians in the Middle East.Thousands of Valancherians wok in gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

Valanchery has a highly developed public transport system based on its bus station in the centre of town. As other towns in Kerala, Valanchery has also evolved around bus station known as “Valanchery bus stand”. Local private owned buses are available to all length and breadth of Valanchery and neighboring areas from this bus station. Eventhogh many people owned private vehicles like car and bike, they tend to use public transport system due to easy availability and heavy traffic jam in Valanchery tow.

Paddy fields

Valanchery town is surrounded by vast lush green paddy fields. Rice farming and related activities are still prevalent in Valanchery. Inspite of an urban look from outside, Valanchery maintains a typical rural characteristics. Bharatapuzha and Thoothapuzha are the major source of water for paddy fields. Several water canals are running through paddy fields which provide necessary water.

Kozhikode Road

Kozhikode Road of Valanchery is the highly developed transport and commercial streets with many branded outlets and supermarkets. Several shopping brands like Reliance Trends, Max, Myg, Yara Mall and many restaurants make it busy commercial street. Roads are wider and there is enough parking space in Kozhokode Road comparing to other congested roads in the town.

Perinthalmanna Road

Perinthalmanna road, also called Angadipuram road, which is part of Kerala state highway 73 which connects Valanchery and Nolambur. It is one of the four major roads from Valanchery junction. Perinthalmanna Road is a vibrant market of Valanchery and it is the home of vegetables, fruits, fish and meat market of the town. Local farmers sell their agricultural products like banana and other vegetables here. People from all surrounding panchayaths depend Valanchery market for wholesale and retail needs. GI (Geographical Indication) tagged Edayur Mulaku (Edayur Chilli) can be found in Valanchery market. Valanchery is a crowded town which is infamous for its traffic jam, but there is a designated area for vegitables, fruits, fish and meat products to keep hygiene and sanitation.

Perinthalmanna Road is famous for healthcare centres and laboratories. Nadakkavil Hospital, one of the major hospitals in the area, is well known for its 24 hour accident emergency care. CH Memorial Hospital which also lies on the Perinthalmanna Road, close to Poice Station. There are many Ayurveda hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies situate here.

Valanchery Markaz

Markazu Tharbiyathil Islamiyya, commonly known as Valnchery Markaz is one of the largest Islamic educational institutions in Kerala. Valanchery Markaz and Karanthur Markaz are both prominent educational institutions of two separate sunni factions of Kerala, EK faction and AP faction respectively. Valanchery Markaz is run by EK faction Samastha and headed by Panakkad Thangals while Karanthur Markaz is run by AP faction under Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliar. Valanchery Markaz currently serves as the headquarters of CIC (Cordination of Islamic Colleges) which is the apex body of all colleges run under EK Samastha

Markazu Tharbiyathil Islamiyya, established in 1984 under patronage of Panakkad Sayyid Muhammed Ali Shihab Thangal with an aim to offer religious and moral education along with secular studies.There are many educational institutions under Markaz which includes, Arts & Science College, English Medium School, B.Ed training college, Orphanage and Quran College.

National Highway 66, Valanchery

National Highway 66 which connects Mumbai and Kanyakumari pass through Valanchery. Earlier narrow two lane stretch highway, which is now four lane after widening could reduce heavy traffic jam the town experienced. New National Highway constructed through the outskirts of the town without demolishing building and roads. All vehicles from Kozhikode to Kochi can go without touching the town. NH 66 four lane construction is expected to complete by 2025.

Munnakkal Masjid

It is a unique Muslim worship centre in Munnakkal near Pookkattiri in Edayur panchayath of Malappuram district. It is widely believed that the masjid has been existing for more than 500 years. People irrespective of religion and caste visit the mosque and offer rice. Rice is the main offering item to the mosque. According to mosque authorities, more than 3000 sacks of rice are offered by devotees monthly. During the holy month Ramadan, more sacks of rice are being received comparing to other months. All the rice received are distributed to poor families in neighboring panchayaths. Sacks of rice are directly transported to neighboring “Mahallu” (localities around Juma masjid) twice a month on a regular basis. Rice is distributed among poor families irrespective of religion and caste.

Rayiranelloor Hill

⁸Valanchery is famous for the presence of Rayiranelloor mala, legendary Naranath Branthan lived. Rayiranelloor hill, which is in Thiruvegappura is 6 kilometres away from Valanchery town. There is a bhranthan statue built on top of Rayiranelloor hill. Naranath brathan was believed to live 1500 years ago. He was the son of Vararuchi, famous astrologer of the time and adorned the court of King Vikramadithya. Naranath bhranthan came to Thiruvegappura for learning vedas. He chose Thiruvegappura and neighboring Rayiranelloor hill as his usual Adobe. Rayiranelloor hill is also known as “Bhranthachalam”. Naranath bhranthan is considered to be a divine person who pretended to be mad. Every year on first day of Thulam, third month in Malayalam calendar, believers mount Rayiranelloor hill together and visit Bhranthachalam.

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