1. Chellarkovil is a small village situated close to Anakkara in Idukki district, Kerala. Village is located just 11 kilometers away from Thekkady, famous tourist centre of Kerala.

2. Aruvikuzhi viewpoint and waterfalls are the major attractions of Chellarkovil. Tourist who come to Thekkady often visit here. Mesmerizing and breathtaking view of Cumbum valley can be seen from here. Cumbum is one of the highly fertile areas of south India. The village is situated 1200 meters above the sea level with its beautiful and lush green mountains, cascading waterfalls originating from Kerala side and falling into Tamilnadu plains. Flow of waterfall will be heavier during southwest monsoon (June to September) and mild during northwest monsoon (October to December). A beautiful watch tower named “God’s own balcony” provides spectacular view.

God’s own balcony, Chellarkovil

3. Individual private vehicles are allowed into Aruvikuzhi viewpoint and there is an entry ticket for visitors. The site is well maintained and all areas are clean and neat. The area is guarded by security and ideal for families. There is a cafeteria and clean toilets available here. Jeeps are available to Chellarkovil from Kumily town.

4. Chellarkovil is an agrarian village and cardomom and black pepper are the major crops cultivated here. This village is part of cardomom hills of Western ghat. This is a border village between Kerala and Tamilnadu. There is a walking route between Kerala and Tamilnadu can be seen here.

Chembakathara Mahadeva temple

5. Anakkara, Cumbum mettu, Kumily and Thekkady are neighboring towns of Chellarkovil. On the way to Chellarkovil from Thekkady or Kumily, you will also meet another beautiful viewpoint called Pandikuzhi. The deep valleys, the exotic flora and fauna, the beautiful streams will make you pleasant. This is also an ideal location for photography.

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