Chembra Alinchuvadu

Chembra Alinchuvadu

Chembra Alinchuvadu

Chembra Alinchuvadu is a small village in Thiruvegappura panchayath of Palakkad district, Kerala. It is located just 2 kilometers away from Thiruvegappura town on Thiruvegappura – Pallipuram road.

Chembra Alinchuvadu village is located on the shore of Kunthipuzha (locally known as Thoothapuzha). Also Thoothapuzha merges with Bharathappuzha, second longest river in Kerala, at Irimbiliyam, close to Chembra Alinchuvadu. Chembra Alinchuvadu is a border village between Malappuram and Palakkad districts. The village has a Malappuram and Palakkad culture. Chembra Alinchuvadu is very close to Irimbiliyam panchayath in Malappuram district and Parathur panchayath in Palakkad district. This area get enough water from both Thoothapuzha and Bharathappuzha.

Chembra Alinchuvadu has paddy fields in abundance due to its proximity to two major rivers. Rice is widely cultivated here. Coconut, arecanut, banana, tapioca are also cultivated.

Chembra Alinchuvadu is well connected by roads. Thiruvegappura – Pallipuram road is passing through this village. There is another road starts from here to Vilathur and Kaippuram. This road connects Thiruvegappura – Pallipuram road and Valanchery – Koppam road. A railway line is passing through here. Kuttipuram is the nearest railway station. Valanchery is the nearest major town.

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