Cumbum grapes(Panner Thratchai)

Cumbum grapes (Panneer Thratchai)

Cumbum Panneer Thratchai, commonly known as Cumbum grapes, is one of the varieties of grapes grown in Cumbum Valley of Theni district in Tamilnadu. Cumbum Valley is one of the highly fertile land in South India which lies in the foothills of Western Ghat mountain. It situates among Thekkady Hills, Varusanadu Hills and Kodaikanal Hills.Cumbum Panneer Thratchai is rich in vitamins, tartaric acid and antioxidants, also suitable for making wine, jams and juices.

Cumbum Valley produces 85 percentage of grapes in Tamilnadu.Cumbum Vineyard offers wide variety of eco-tourism as well as grapes related activities including wine production.Tourists who visit Thekkady in Kerala, often go to Cumbum Valley which is only 14 kilometers away from Thekkady on Kerala-Tamilnadu border. Around 2,000 acres of area are under Panneer Thratchai cultivation.

GI Tag for Cumbum grapes (Panneer Thratchai)

In 2023, Panneer Thratchai grapes of Cumbum Valley acquired Geographical Indication (GI) tag. Cumbum grapes are well known for its unique characteristics. It is very popular for its quick growth and early maturity. Special weather conditions and soil of this area attribute to the growth of Cumbum grapes. GI Tag might help Panneer Thratchai to get more relevance and avoid competition. Geographical Indication (GI) tag is an intellectual property right which identify a product that originate from a particular area. Reputation and quality are only attributed to its geographical location.

Cumbum Vineyard Tourism

Cumbum Valley offers tourists plenty of opportunities to learn about grapes. Many tourist guides are there to explain about grapes. There are many privately owned vineyards where public can go and take photographs. Public can purchase grapes and vines, but plucking is strictly prohibited. Along with grapes Cumbum is renowned for its vegitable and fruits production. Major source of water to Cumbum Valley is sourced from Periyar river and Mullaperiyar dam in Kerala.

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