Eastern Bridge Exercise

Eastern Bridge Exercise

Eastern Bridge is a series of India – Oman bilateral air exercise started from 2009 in Thumrait Air Base, Oman. The main aim of this exercise is to promote professional interaction, enhancement of operational knowledge and strengthening bilateral relationship between India and Oman. High level delegation of both Indian Airforce (IAF) and Royal Airforce of Oman (RAFO) takes part in the exercises. This exercise has improved operational capabilities and interoperability of both friendly nations. India and Oman share friendly relations and same culture. Oman is one of the India’s major defense partner in Middle East. India has accessibility to Oman port of Duqm and it boosted India’s naval presence in Indian Ocean. Friendship with Oman is most important for India to counter Chinese presence in Indian Ocean zone.

Eastern Bridge I

First exercise in the series of Eastern Bridge was held in Thumrait Airbase of Oman in 2009. IAF’s 27 Squadron Flaming Arrows, No.3 Squadron of Cobras and SEPECAT have participated from Indian side. RAFO used F-16 and SEPECAT Jaguars.

Eastern Bridge II

It was held between 17 October to 21 October in 2001 at Jamnagar Airforce Station, Gujarat.

Eastern Bridge III

Eastern Bridge III exercise was held in Masirah, Oman.

Eastern Bridge IV

Eastern Bridge V

It was held in 2019 at Masirah Airbase, Oman.

Eastern Bridge VI

Eastern Bridge VI was held from February 21 to 25, 2022 at Airforce Station, Jodhpur.

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