Eco-friendly E-Waste Park, Delhi (1)

Eco-friendly E-Waste Park, Delhi

India’s first eco-friendly e-waste plant has been proposed to set up in Holambi Kalan, Delhi. Delhi, one of the highly polluted city in India which contributes approximately 9 percent of total e-waste output.

E-waste or electronic waste is produced when any electrical or electronic devices becomes obsolete or unfit for further use or met its expired date. Nowadays all electronics devices are easily replaced with new ones and e-wastes are being accumulated in a rapid manner. Developed countries have already started better e-waste management and in developing countries especially in India, e-wastes are collected and processed by informal recyclers and creat serious environmental issues.

The main aim of this E-waste park is to dismantle, refurbish and recycle in a scientifically and environmentally manner. The park also aims to train informal recyclers and groom them as formal recyclers.

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