Energy Swaraj Yatra

Energy Swaraj Yatra

Energy Swaraj Yatra is a solar energy awareness campaign by Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki, a professor at the Department of Energy Science in IIT Bombay. It is nearly an 11 year mission from 2020 to 2030 on a specially customized bus powered by solar panels on roof. Climate change and global warming have become a serious concern in the past few years. Rapid depletion of fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources have forced governments, policy makers and environmentalists to rethink alternative energy sources like solar energy, wind energy etc. Energy Swaraj Yatra is one of the many efforts to educate people about the importance of solar energy.

As a Gandhian, his Energy Swaraj Yatra is based on Ghandian principles. During the 11 years of journey, Dr.Chetan Singh Solanki will stay his bus and he pledged will not go home until he finishes the journey. The meaning of the word Energy Swaraj Yatra is “Self governing journey”.

Dr.Chetan Singh Solanki popularly known as “Solar Man of India” founded Energy Swaraj Foundation in 2020 to raise awareness about climate change. He travels throughout the country to propagate his mission. He interacts with people from all walks of life. He raised his awareness campaign in schools and colleges and invited journalists and social media influencers inside his solar bus and demonstrated his daily activities in the bus. His ultimate goal is to create a public movement to adopt 100 percent solar energy. He conducts many training and demonstrations inside the bus.

Dr. Solanki’s solar powered bus is equipped with a sleeping cum room, kitchen, an ecofriendly toilet and a solar demonstration room. He has a small collection of books and a television for demonstration to the public.

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