Eranhimavu is a small junction town on Kozhikode – Malappuram district border in Kodiyathoor panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. Eranhimavu is located at an equal distance of 7 kilometers from both Mukkam and Areekode on Kerala state highway 34 which connects Koyilandi and Edavanna.

Eranhimavu town

Valillapuzha, Gothembu road, Pannikode are the neighboring towns. There is a road starts from Eranhimavu to Pannikode.

The town has a mixed Kozhikode Malappuram culture as it is considered as the major gateway to Kozhikode district while traveling from Areekode. Wayanad district is easily accessible through state highway 34 if someone travels from Palakkad district and eastern parts of Malappuram district.

SH 34 Eranhimavu

Eranhimavu has an above average standard of living which was achieved through using human resources. Many people from Eranhimavu seek job in Gulf countries. Their remittances is the backbone of local economy.

Eranhimavu is a Muslim majority town where there is a small amount of Hindu community live. The town has high literacy rate and communal harmony prevails. AP and EK factions of Sunnis are very active here. IUML, CPIM and Congress are the major political parties.

Many educational institutions are being run in and around Eranhimavu town including APEX English school.

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