Gayaji Rubber Dam

Gayaji Rubber Dam

Gayaji Dam is India’s longest rubber dam which was constructed on Falgu river in Gaya district of Bihar. The dam was inaugurated on 8th September 2022 by then Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar. The dam became a great milestone of Bihar’s Nitish Government as its construction was completed before the deadline in 2023, the foundation stone for the dam was laid on 22 September 2020 during Covid-19 pandemic.

The dam which is located close to Vishnupad temple, a major pilgrimage centre in Gaya where people come from all over the world to offer “Pind Daan”, a homage to the departed soul.

The dam has 400 meters width and 3 meters height and is made of 17 mm thick rubber. The dam has a capacity to store water for about two and half kilometers. A steel bridge was constructed on top of the dam which is convenient for the pilgrims who visit Vishnupad temple during Pitripaksha Mela to pay homage to their ancestors. Pitrapaksha Mela is one of the major religious event in Bihar which is held approximately in September every year. It is also called “Pinda Daan” in which pinda is offered to departed souls. After the construction of the rubber bridge, pilgrims can perform the rituals from the bridge. Devotees will now have access to Falgu river with a minimum of 2 feet water for performing Pind Daan.

Rubber dams are ecofriendly dams which require low maintenance and operating costs due to minimal energy requirements. Rubber dam is ideal for wide rivers like Falgu rivers for creating reservoirs. Rubber dams eliminate corrosion risk as it does not have any mechanical components.

Gayaji rubber dam built by European company Rubena in partnership with Nagarjuna Building Company of Hyderabad with suggestions from IIT Rourkee experts.

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