Gothembu road

Gothembu road

Gothembu road

Gothembu road is a small village in Kodiyathoor panchayath of Kozhikode district in Kerala, located on state highway 34 ( Koyilandi to Edavanna ). It is situated 4 kilometers from Mukkam town and 9 kilometers from Areekode. Gothembu road is a border town which has just one kilometer to Malappuram border.

Gothembu road separates Kodiyathoor panchayath into two different geographical areas, steep hills of western ghat mountain system on the east and flat land on the west.

Gothembu road and adjacent eastern parts are famous for large scale quarrying activities. Karinkals (building stones) are widely mined from hilly mountains. Karinkal quarries and sand production is the major activity in this area. Several large and small companies operate in and around. Hundreds of heavy trucks are passing through the town carrying stones and sands.

Thottumukkam road

There is a road to Thottumukkam starts from here. This road gives a scenic experience of western ghat for the travelers. There are minor tourist attractions and view points which completely have not been explored yet.

Gothembu road and surrounding areas areas have abundant rubber plantations which is the major source of income. This area is also a migratory town. People from Central Travencore state, especially from eastern parts of Kottayam district commenced large scale migration in the early twentieth century. Several families in Gothembu road to Thottumukkam road are descendants of these migrant families.

Kulangara masjid

Gothembu road is a multicultural and religious town where there is a substantial amount of Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities.

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