Gujarat Cinematic Tourism Policy

Gujarat Cinematic Tourism Policy

Gujarat Cinematic Tourism Policy is a five year policy (2022 to 2027) which is first-ever of its kind in the state to bring all services associated with filmmaking into a single platform to promote filmmaking and tourism in the state. The new policy has multiple projects for the development of film infrastructure and cinema friendly environment. The Government plans to make Gujarat as a film hub of India creating film city, film training schools and providing various offers and financial and non-financial incentives for the domestic and international filmmakers.

Gujarat Cinematic Policy was officially unveiled by then Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Bhupendra Rajnikant Patel in September 2022 in the presence of Tourism Minister Shri Purnesh Modi and Bollywood movie actor Ajay Devgan.

Gujarat film industry has been on the decline for the years due to lack of enough infrastructure eventhough it has plenty of financial resources and audiences. Gujarat is a land of born businessmen who do business all over the world. Many heavy weights in the Bollywood film industry are gujarati origin. Lack of filmmaking infrastructure, poor script writing and delay to adapt modern technology have led to the decline of Gujarat film industry which was overshadowed by mighty neighboring Bollywood film industry. Rapid growth of south Indian film industry has forced Gujarat to rethink about the potential of its filmmaking sector. Gujarat is blessed with longest coastline in India with 1600 kilometers of coastal areas and no part in Gujarat is more than 170 kilometers from the sea. Gujarat has vibrant and diverse geographical areas of deserts, forests and rivers. Special mention was made about White Desert of Kutch, Shivrajpur Beach about their potentials to become major shooting hotspots in the state. Gujarat is one the most urbanized states of India with around more than 40% of populations live in urban areas.

New Cinematic Policy will boost state’s tourism potentials as well as generating new jobs. Several MoUs worth Rs. 1022 crore investments were made during the inauguration ceremony in various subjects like acting schools and studio infrastructure.

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