Hydrogen Train in India

Hydrogen Train in India

Hydrogen powered trains, a new alternative to diesel powered trains, which is a new innovation of clean energy mobility systems of the future, will run in India in the end of 2023. Hydrogen trains or hydrail will boost India’s COP26 commitment of net zero carbon emissions by 2070. Hydrogen trains do not emit harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide to the environment. Hydrogen trains uses hydrogen as fuel to produce electricity by converting hydrogen and oxygen to power the train.

Union Minister of Railway announced in February 2023 that India’s first hydrogen trains which was designed and manufactured in India will start service between Kalka-Shimla historic heritage route. Indian railway is planning to run trains through India’s historic heritage routes . Initially eight different heritage routes are on the list to start hydrail. These are Matheran hill railway of Central railway (19.97 kilometers), Darjeeling-Himalayan railway of Northeast Frontier Railway (88.6 kilometers), Kalka-Shimla railway (96.5 kilometers), Kangra valley railway of Northern Railway (164 kilometers), Bilmora-Waghai of Western Railway (62.7 kilometers), Mov-Patalpani route of Western Railway (58 kilometers), Nilgiri mountain route of Southern Railway (46 kilometers) and Marwar-Devgarh Madriya route of Northwestern Railway (52 kilometers). Vistadom coaches will be introduced in these hydrogen powered trains to boost tourism. Glass ceilings and glass windows will provide 360 degree view of picturesque outside.

China became the first Asian country to run hydrogen powered trains.

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