Anavilasam is a picturesque cardomom village in Idukki district of Kerala. Mist hangs low in the mornings, clinging to the lush greenery like a translucent shawl. Winding roads snake their way through the landscape, leading you deeper into this hidden gem. Anavilasam, which is part of Cardomom Hills of Western Ghat mountains, is a major cardamom producer in Kerala The landscape and abundant rain create ideal conditions for these flavorful plants. Many workers from neighboring Tamil Nadu find employment in the cardamom plantations here. Nicknamed the “Chirapunji of Idukki,” Anavilasam receives significantly more rainfall than surrounding areas. Expect rainy days for nearly 70% of the year, making it a lush and verdant place.

These cardomom farms in Anavilasam stretch for miles, creating a verdant carpet across the landscape. The air is filled with the sweet, spicy fragrance of cardamom, especially during the harvest season. Cardamom plants with their broad green leaves line the pathways, with drying stations scattered throughout the farms. The life of people in Anavilasam revolves around cardomom, the “green gold” of Kerala. Every aspect of life revolves around its cultivation, from planting and nurturing the plants to the much-anticipated harvest. Knowledge of cardomom cultivation is passed down through generations.

A large portion of the land is actually owned by big landlords. These landlords often lease plots to tenant farmers who manage the day-to-day operations. Despite the dominance of large farms, small holdings do exist in Anavilasam like other places in Idukki. This independent farmers, often with generations of experience, play a vital role in preserving traditional practices and maintaining of traditional cardomom cultivation.

Anavilasam, a tiny, remote village nestled in the Cardamom Hills, lies between Kumily, Kattappana, and Kuttikkanam. The route from Kumily to Kattappana via Anavilasam experiences comparatively less traffic volume compared to the alternative route through Kumily, Anakkara, and Kattappana. One of the largest cardomom auction centers of the world is located in Puttady, is close to Anavilasam.

Anavilasam is well connected by road. 16 kilometers from Thekady and 7 kilometers from Kattappana town.

Anavilasam is part of Chakkupallam grama panchayath which is headquartered in Anakkara town. Anavilasam can be equally accessible from Kattappana, Kumily and Anakkara. Anavilasam area is just 10 kilometres away from Kerala – Tamilnadu border. There are many people who have tamil origin live in Anavilasam and neighbouring areas in Chakkupallam grama panchayath.

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