Kadalundi – Vallikkunnu Tourism

Kadalundi – Vallikkunnu region on the Kozhikode – Malappuram district border offers a unique visual treat of the mangrove ecosystem in Kerala. Kadalundi and Vallikkunnu is an estuary of the Kadalundi River which is discharged into the Arabian Sea. The freshwater of the Kadalundi River and saltwater from the Arabian Sea, create a diverse ecosystem that caters to numerous plants and animals. Kadalundi Birds Sanctuary is part of Kadalundi – Vallaikkunnu Community Reserve. Kerala Tourism Department declared it as an ecotourism center in 2018.

Mangrove Forest

The most attractive tourism hotspot in Kadalundi is to explore its unique mangrove forest resources. It is scattered over Vallikkunnu panchayath and Kadalundi panchayath. It has an area of 154 hectares of land under mangroves and the majority of them are in Vallikkunnu panchayath on Malappuram side. The entrance gate to the community reserve is from the Kadalundi side. More than 20 hectares of mangrove are under the forest department. It is a main hotspot where dozens of migratory birds from Europe and Africa can be found. It is also a major stopover for migratory birds during their journey between breeding and wintering grounds. Mangroves offer food, shelter, and nesting sites for these birds, making them crucial for their survival. Mangroves in Kadalundi are rich in insects and small fishes in muddy water which they feed on. Dense mangroves here protect the birds through the dense mangrove forest. Cee Pee Thuruth, Bala Thuruth, and Mannan Thuruth have a great concentration of mangrove while Mannan Thuruth tops with 7.39 ha of forest. Everywhere in Kadalundi – Vallikkunnu, there are patches of coconut plantations in thuruth along with mangroves.

Recently after the recognition from Kerala Tourism Department, Kadalundi-Vallikkunnu has gained much popularity and is attracting hundreds of tourists to here. Traditional boating services are available to explore the calm and serene beauty of mangrove forests, and if you are lucky enough, can spot different varieties of migratory birds. Kadalundi offers a wide variety of seafood for tourists.

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