Kadampuzha is fast growing township in Marakkara grama panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. The town is known for Kadampuzha Bhagavathi Temple, a prominent Hindu pilgrimage centre in Kerala, consecrated by Sree Shankaracharya, a great vedic scholar, philosopher and exponent of Advaita Vedanta.

Kadampuzha is well connected by road networks. There are direct bus services to Kadampuzha from Kottakkal, Valanchery and Malappuram town. Kadampuzha town is a junction where roads from Malappuram, Valanchery, Kottakkal and Vettichira merge together. National Highway 66 is passing through Vettichira which is 3 kilometers west of Kadampuzha. Kadampuzha is gaining more popularity nowadays and pilgrims from all over Kerala and outside the state visit Bhagavathi Temple. NH 66 Vettichira is the major point of access to reach Kadampuzha.

Until recently Kadampuzha and neighboring areas were sparsely populated and had no adequate roads to reach. Subsequent government and local body authorities have taken initiatives to develop infrastructure. Now, Kadampuzha town houses better hotels, restaurants, walkways and pooja accessories for pilgrims. Almost all hotels are concentrated around temple and bus station.

Kadampuzha is known to be amongst the rare places where both Hindus and Muslims have coexisted in harmony for ages. Kadampuzha is a vast muslim majority area with a very small hindu community. Jarathingal Makham or shrine is a muslim pilgrimage centre in Kadampuzha. Makham is the resting place of two unidentified saints and many local muslims visit and offer rice to Makham. Rice is the main offering item here.

Kadampuzha Bhagavathi Temple

Kadampuzha Bhagavathi Temple is the sole iconic landmark of Kadampuzha and all the transportation and shops are concentrated around the temple. Muttarukkal is a main offering in this temple, devotees visit temple mainly for Muttarukkal which is a process in which a coconut, after removing its husk, breaks in front of diety. If coconut breaks evenly, which means all obstacle are gone and in case, the coconut breaks unevenly which means the obstacles are still there and another Muttarukkal process is required.

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