Kakkad, Karassery

Kakkad, a beautiful and picturesque village in Karassery grama panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. Iruvanjipuzha, a lifeline for the village, flows gracefully along its bank, its waters power the village to keep them from drought. Farming is the main activity in Kakkad, whereas several other activities like animal husbandry are carried out on a limited scale. Income from expatriates from GCC countries is the main source of income. All concrete houses and other economic activities in the area are powered by gulf money. A very significant percentage of the young population from Kakkad, work in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. A good chunk of these pravasis send remittances to their home.

Kakkad is predominantly a Muslim-populated village with a minority Hindu community. The Masjid is the main landmark of Kakkad village.

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