Karukaputhur is a vibrant village in the Thirumittacode Grama Panchayath of Palakkad district, Kerala. Positioned on the Palakkad-Thrissur border, it is a rapidly growing junction. Karukaputhur stands out as the largest commercial center in the Thirumittacode Grama Panchayath, playing a crucial role in the area’s economic development.

The Narasimhamoorthi Temple is the central landmark of Karukaputhur town. This temple is notable for its impressive fort-like wall, which adds to its stunning appearance. Located in the heart of the town, the temple serves as a focal point and a significant cultural site for the town.

Karukaputhur is a village with a majority Hindu and Muslim population, known for its strong sense of religious harmony. The Narasimhamoorthy Temple Pooram and the Karukaputhur Nercha are two major festivals celebrated in the town, drawing participants from various locations. These festivals exemplify the peaceful coexistence and mutual respect between the communities.

Pattambi taluk in Palakkad district is notable for its unique Pooram-like festivals celebrated by Muslims. Such a tradition of Nercha festivals is not found in Muslim communities outside Pattambi taluk, highlighting its distinctive cultural heritage.

Karukaputhur Town

Karukaputhur is a major junction town connecting the Thrissur district with the eastern part of Palakkad district, particularly Pattambi taluk. The town is strategically located, just 8 kilometers from both Chalissery and Nelluvai near Wadakkanchery. Additionally, the Cheruthuruthi-Shornur road links Karukaputhur to Shornur, which hosts the largest railway station in Kerala, enhancing the town’s connectivity and accessibility.

Birthplace of Metroman E Shreedharan

Karukaputhur is the birthplace of E. Sreedharan, the legendary engineer hailed as the “Metro Man.” Sreedharan’s journey from a small village boy to a national icon is an inspiring tale. Karukaputhur, with its traditional Kerala way of life, undoubtedly instilled in him a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for precision.

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