Kavilummaram is a small town in Kizhakkoth panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. It is located three kilometers away from Koduvally and four kilometers away from Narikkuni on Koduvally – Narikkuni road which is part of  Kerala state highway 68 (Adivaram – Thusharagiri – Kappad).

Kavilummaram is a town situated on Kizhakkoth and Madavoor panchayath border. Madavoormukku and Kacherimukku are the neighboring towns.

Palora Mala

Palora Mala is a small hill spread over in Kizhakkoth and Madavoor panchayaths near Kavilummaram town. Palora Mala is a controversial site. Local people and environmentalists under the banner of Palora Mala protection action council have fought many struggles to protect hill from destruction. The public outcry intensified after the proposed plan to construct a convention centre by industrialist N.K Muhammed with an investment of 120 crores rupees atop of Palora Mala hill. Many public march held in Kavilummaram and neighboring places against construction. Public feard of a possible landslide from the hill would sweep away houses and residential areas in the downhill of Palora Mala. A landslide at Karinchola Mala in neighboring Kattippara panchayath increased popular support for Palora Mala protection.

First Covid-19 case in Kozhikode district

A pilgrim from Kavilummaram became the first Covid-19 tested positive in Kozhikode district in 2020 after the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. The pilgrim was infected covid-19 after returning from Makka, Saudi Arabia.

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