Kizhakkoth Juma Masjid and Makham (1)

Kizhakkoth Juma Masjid and Makham

Kizhakkoth masjid and Makham is a famous pilgrim centre in Koduvally. It is located on East Kizhakkoth – Parakkunnu road in East Kizhakkoth town of Kizhakkoth panchayath, Kozhikode district. It is easily accessible from Koduvally town. Kerala state highway 68 (Adivaram – Thusharagiri – Kappad) is passing through East Kizhakkoth town.

Kizhakkoth Juma Masjid and Makham is a historic pilgrimage centre of Islamic importance. It has been drawing visitors from all across Kizhakkoth, Madavoor, Narikkuni, Unnikulam, Thamarassery panchayaths and Koduvally municipality. Even people from outside of this area visit Kizhakkoth Makham.


Based on traditional facts obtained from elders that Makham has a long history which dates back to AD 1300s or 1400s. A severe drought occurred 700 years ago in Kizhakkoth and neighboring areas. Poonoor river has dried up due to drought and lack of rain. The mosque which was built by palm leaves was caught fire and destroyed. An earthmoving construction was held to make a new mosque. An undecayed body was unearthed from construction site. People believed that he was a saint. According to belief that bodies of saints do not undergo the process of decomposition as a sign of their holiness. Belief of incorruptibility is common in Muslim communities. People prayed to God for rain through this holy unknown saint. Suddenly it rained after prayers and people verified that he was a holy saint.

Visit of CM Valiyullahi Madavoor

CM Valiyullahi, a holy saint from neighboring Madavoor used to visit this holy shrine at midnight

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