1. Madavoor is the village in Kozhikode district, Kerala. It is the birth place of holi Islamic saint CM Muhammed Aboobacker Muslyar ( 1928 to 1991 ) who is considered as a Sufi with divine favour and holiness by muslims. During his lifetime, people from all over south India used to visit him for advices and prayers. He was buried next to the mosque he built.

2. Today CM Makham is a major Islamic pilgrimage centre in South India. People from Malabar and Karnataka frequently visit CM Makham to achieve their goals. Centre has become a small township where many mosques, orphanages, schools, shopping centers and lodging centers were constructed around the Makham.

3. Both faction of Kerala Sunnis (AP faction and EK faction) has their own schools and orphanages in the township. Madavoor Uroos is a mega annual programme which are conducted by both faction separately. Thousands of people gather in Makham for prayers and “Annadanam”, serving of holi meal.

4. Madavoor has abundance of rice fields where rice and other crops are cultivated.

5. Madavoor is well connected by roads. NH 766 Kozhikode Kollegal road is situated close to madavoor.

6. Poonoor river is flowing close to Madavoor.

7. Madavoor is a Muslim majority village but there is a substantial amounts of Hindus. IUML and CPIM are the major political parties in the village.

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