Malayamma is a small town in Chathamangalam panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. The town is situated on NIT – Koodathai road. This rout itself is well known as “Malayamma rout”. Malayamma is situated 3 kilometers away from Kattangal town and 6 kilometers away from Omassery town. It is also a junction town where there are roads available to four directions. Pullanoor road and East Malayamma road originates from Malayamma town.

Malayamma is one of the fast growing town in Chathamangalam panchayath. Eventhough it had a name and fame, remained underdeveloped but recently this town attracts more investment. More new buildings are being constructed. Now the people from neighborhood towns like Vennakode, Ambalamukku, Pullanoor and other areas prefer Malayamma for purchase. Many small scale industries are now being set up in Malayamma.

Malayamma is an agrarian village where vast paddy fields can be found. Rice is cultivated in Kharif season and banana, tapioca and vegetables are also cultivated in other seasons.

Malayamma is a Muslim majority village but there is a substantial amount Hindu community. EK Sunnis form majority of the population. AP Sunnis has their own Masjid and madrasa. Malayamma is the stronghold of IUML.

Malayamma is part of Kunnamangalam assembly constituency and Kozhikode Loksabha constituency.

How to reach Malayamma

Private buses are available on a regular basis from Kozhikode city Palayam bus station, Kunnamangalam, Kattangal and Omassery. Nearest railway station is Kozhikode station. Kozhikode international airport is the nearest airport.

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