Mangattiri is a small suburban centre of Tirur town in Malappuram district of Kerala. It lies in the Thalakkad grama panchayath on the bank of Tirur river which is the major source of water for Tirur town. As Tirur city grew more southward due to presence of Thunchan Parambu, Malayalam University, Koottayi Beach, Noor lake, Shihab Thangal Hospital, more areas including Mangattiri were annexed to Tirur town eventhogh it is still part of Thalakkad grama panchayath. Mangattiri fort, which does not exist now, was one of the Ettukotta (eight fort) of Vettathunadu king to prevent attack from outside.

Mangattiri is a junction from where roads are running northward to Tirur Thunchan Parambu and Noor lake while southward to Garudankavu Temple and Pulloonikavu Bhagavathi Temple. East – west road which connects BP Angadi and Arikanchira on Tipu Sultan road.

Tirur river

Tirur river, after providing necessary water to Tirur city, naturally flows to Mangalam Thuruth and then to Bharatapuzha just before discharging into Arabian Sea. Tirur river in Mangattiri separate both Thalakkad  and Vettom panchayaths. Tirur river in Mangattiri is ecologically more sensitive as the area has rich resources of mangroves which are found along the coast of Tirur river until it empties into Bharatapuzha. It provides habitat for several species of fauna and is an important spawning ground for several species of fishes. The place has rare sightings of migratory birds, as seen in other parts of coastal areas of Malappuram district.

Malayalam University

Mangattiri is the proposed site for the permanent building for Malayalam University in Tirur. Government of Kerala has acquired land on the shore of Tirur river between Mangattiri and Pariyapuram in Vettom panchayath. Government has altered plan of the site to prevent damages to sensitive mangroves in the area due to protest by environmentalists. Mangattiri is just 2 kilometre away from Thunchan Memorial. Temporarily Thuchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University functions in the premises of Thunchan Memorial Government College in Vakkad, Tirur from its foundation on 1, November, 2012.

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