Nipun mines

Nipun Mines

Nipun Mines are indigenously developed anti-personnel mines which was inducted in Indian Army Corps of Engineers in 2022. It was developed by an Indian firm with efforts of Armament Research and Development Establishment Pune, a DRDO facility. DRDO names it as “soft target blast  munition”. Nipun mines are comparatively smaller in size and can deploy in large numbers to prevent cross border terrorists, infiltrates and enemy infantry entering Indian territory. Nipun anti-personnel mines which carry a powerful mix of RDX, designed not kill enemies and infiltrates but to harm enemies with severe leg injuries, which will stop them moving forward and medical evacuation will create a big challenge to enemies.

India which is facing more diverse attacks and threats than any other country in the world. Apart from cross border conflict with Pakistan and China, India faces more challenges from Islamic terrorism, Naxalite-Maoist insurgency and other separatist organisations from different states.

India is planning to induct 7 lakh Nipun anti-personnel mines to defend its own areas. Anti-personnel mines contains comparatively small amounts of ammunition with 10 to 250 grams while anti-tank mines contain 100-300 kilograms of explosives. Anti-personnel mines detonate when persons step on upper part of mine and causes serious injuries and casualties.

Anti-personnel mines are a major concern for safety and security of civians. If not used in controllable manner, it can cause severe casualties of civilians than the enemies. Clearance of mines are too difficult task in terms of money and efforts than deploying. Major international organizations and United Nations agencies are pressurising governments to give up the use of anti-personnel mines if not necessary to national security.

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