Pookkattiri is a fast growing junction town in Edayur grama panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. It lies five kilometers away from Valanchery town on Kerala state highway 73 which connects Valanchery – Angadipuram – Nilambur.

Pookkattiri is the administrative and commercial headquarters of Edayur grama panchayath. Edayur grama panchayath office is located in Pookkattiri on Edayur – Pang road. It is a junction town which has roads to all four directions. Valiyakunnu – Irimbiliyam road starts from Pookkattiri town. Malappuram road via Edayur and Pang originates from Pookkattiri town. This road provides easy access to Malappuram town from Valanchery muncipality and Kuttipuram grama panchayath.

Munnakkal Masjid

It is a unique Muslim worship centre in Munnakkal near Pookkattiri in Edayur panchayath of Malappuram district. It is widely believed that the masjid has been existing for more than 500 years.

People irrespective of religion and caste visit the mosque and offer rice. Rice is the main offering item to the mosque. According to mosque authorities, more than 3000 sacks of rice are offered by devotees monthly. During the holy month Ramadan, more sacks of rice are being received comparing to other months. All the rice received are distributed to poor families in neighboring panchayaths. Sacks of rice are directly transported to neighboring “Mahallu” (localities around Juma masjid) twice a month on a regular basis. Rice is distributed among poor families irrespective of religion and caste.

During Covid 19 pandemic, rice was transported to different neighboring panchayath and municipality headquarters upon the order of district collector. Initially Majallu authorities had prepared food from donated rice among the poor people, but later the amount of rice donation increased. Then the masjid authorities have introduced token system for easy distribution.

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