Pookkipparambu is a village in Thennala grama panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. It lies seven kilometers away from Kottakkal town on National Highway 66.

Pookkipparambu is a unique place in the history of disasters in Kerala where a bus overturned and fire broke out which killed 44 passengers in March 11, 2001. The bus named “pranavam” was traveling from Guruvayoor to Thalassery and hit with a car and overturned. Kozhichena – Pookkipparambu sloping road accelerated severity of the disaster. Two passengers out of 44 who deceased, yet have not been identified. Massive fire which rose upto 80 feet high and took half an hour to extinguish the fire with support of locals and personnels from Malabar Special Police Klari. Pookkipparambu bus accident  was an eye opener for the Government and  several safety features were introduced after the accident including introduction of emergency exit door. In the accident, due to the impact, two doors were jammed when the bus overturned and passengers were stuck inside the bus, as emergency exit was not there on the opposite side of doors.

Pookkipparambu and adjacent areas are muslim majority and there are smaller Hindu communities who co-exist in harmony. Hundreds of skilled and unskilled workers migrated to Middle-east countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. Remittances of the diaspora have drastically improved standard of living and people tended to invest more in education and healthcare.

Pookkipparambu nercha is an annual celebration of the village and many varavu or processions take place during nercha from different directions and join together near Makham.

NH 66 expansion

Pookkipparambu is one of the many villages in Kerala where NH 66 expansion hugely changed landscape of the village and many shops and buildings were relocated to other places. An underpass was constructed on NH 66 to connect both sides of the village.

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