Puliyanmala is an high altitude small junction town in Idukki district, Kerala.

Puliyanmala town

Major Facts

1. Puliyanmala is located around 1089 meters above the sea level.

2. Puliyanmala is a picturesque cardomom plantation town which is part of Cardomom hills of Western ghat mountain system. Cardomom is the major crop grown here. Everywhere we go in Puliyanmala, we can see cardomom plants.

3. Puliyanmala is situated six kilometers away from Kattappana town. There is a ghat road that connects Kattappana and Puliyanmala. Puliyanmala is also considered as a hill station due to its pleasant climate.

Puliyanmala junction

4. Puliyanmala is well connected by roads. Two major Kerala state highways intersect in Puliyanmala. State highway 19 (Kumily to Munnar ) passes through this town. Another state highway 33 (Puliyanmala to Thodupuzha ) starts in Puliyanmala. State highway 19 is a busiest road that connects two major tourist destinations of Kerala, Munnar and Thekkady. Most of the tourist who come to Kerala use this road. There is a road to Balagram and Thookkupalam. Another popular tourist destination, Ramakkalmedu is easily accessible from here.

5. Puliyanmala is part of Kattappana municipality.

6. Puliyanmala and its adjacent areas have a long history. This place had spice trade relationship with European countries. Ancient gold and silver Roman coins has been unearthed from here during excavations.

7. Puliyanmala is a main seat of education. Carmel CMI Public school and Christ college are premium educational institutions in this area. Hundreds of students are enrolled in these institutions every year.

Christ college, Puliyanmala

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