Rajakan is one of the 12 children of Vararuchi and Panchami in the famous folktale of Kerala, Parayipetta Panthirukulam. Vararuchi was a Brahman who adorned the court of Maharaja Vikramaditya of Ujjain and Panchami was a Paraya woman, according to Kerala caste hierarchy, she belonged to a lower category of caste called “Paraya”.Rajakan was adopted and raised by a washermen family on the bank of Bharatapuzha (Nila) of Malappuram district. According to folktale, all 11 children of the Vararuchi and Panchami were abandoned by Panchami soon after the delivery upon the request of her husband Vararuchi. All these 11 children were taken by families from different caste and religion and grew child as the cast and religion of adoptive parents. Mezhathol Agnihothri, Pakkanar, Uppukottan, Naranath Bhranthan, Karakkalamma, Akavoor Chathan, Vaduthala Nair, Vallon, Pananar, Perumthachan, Vayillakunnilappan are the siblings of Rajakan.

Life of Rajakan

It is widely believed that a washerman called Velayudhan and his wife Bhageerathi found an abandoned baby boy, after a persistent prayer for a child, as the couple were struggling to have a baby. The washerman and his wife who lived on the bank of Bharatapuzha, somewhere near Edappal on the border of Malappuram and Palakkad districts. That area was an active Brahmin settlement where Sukapuram and Panniyoor conflict takes place.The washermen family had gone to Madurai Meenakshi temple to pray for a child. The couple believed that Madurai Meenakshi blessed them and thought it was their baby. Washermen family or Veluthedans in Malayalam who belong to a lower category of the Kerala caste hierarchy and
washing clothes was their profession. Rajakan was a obedient and disciplined boy who helped parents in their job and he himself became a well reputed washerman in his area. He was clever and did his job well which gave him widespread reputation among noble families.

Miracles of Rajakan

Like other members of Parayipetta Panthirukulam, many people have witnessed miracles of Rajakan. Once, when he was a boy, was sitting inside his room and was meditating, his mother Bhageerathi witnessed a divine halo circle around his head. Another incident was a healing edema in his father’s leg within seconds after Rajakan rubs on his father’s legs.

Rajakan had a solitary and loneliness character and he was not socially mingled with other children. He always helped his mother. Due to his nature he was embarrassed and ashamed by other kids. Once a group of kids were playing and Rajakan passed by with his mother. Rajakan was deeply ashamed by the behavior of the kids and suddenly one of the kid became unable to speak eventhogh his movements were normal. Rajakan’s mother understood that it is due to the divine character of her son. The kid continued voiceless until Rajakan pardoned him.

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