Shahi Litchi of Bihar

Shahi Litchi of Bihar

Shahi Litchi is a variety of litchi that is commercially grown in Indian state of Bihar. Shahi Litchi has an oval and oblong conical in shape and larger than other varieties of litchi. Alluvial soil with good content of calcium and humid condition are favourable for Shahi Litchi.

Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Samastipur and Purba Chambaran or East Champaran are the major Shahi Litchi producing areas of Bihar. 60 percent of total Bihar’s Shahi Litchi is grown in Muzaffarpur district. Muzaffarpur is popularly known as the capital of litchi due to its huge presence of litchi farming. Bihar state is the largest producer of litchi in India with a 40 percent of total Indian litchi. China ranks first in the global litchi production followed by India.

Shahi Litchi of Bihar received Geographical Indication Tag (GI Tag) in 2018. It was the fourth agricultural product in Bihar to get GI Tag in 2018 after Magahi Paan, Jardalu mango and Katarni rice. This new GI Tag has boosted Shahi Litchi’s sales to major Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. India has exported first consignment of GI certified Shahi Litchi from Bihar to United Kingdom by air on May 24, 2021. GI registration for Shahi Litchi registered with Muzaffarpur based Litchi Growers Association of Bihar.

Bihar government has made all necessary infrastructure like clearance facility, laboratory testing, packing facility and pre- cooling facilities to boost production and export potential of litchi. East Central railway headquartered at Hajipur has arranged special transportation facility by rail parcel wagons from Muzaffarpur to other parts of India. Sonepur division of East Central Railway attached a special parcel van to Muzaffarpur – Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Pawan Express. Shahi Litchi is very popular among Mumbaikars.

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