Tripangodu Chira

Tripangodu Chira or Tripangodu Temple Pond is the largest waterbody in Tripangadu panchayath and neighboring areas in Tirur taluk of Malappuram district. Even though it is a major religious site, it serves as grounds for social and cultural events for the locals. Since water is not extracted from the pond, it becomes vital for recharging depleting groundwater resources in the area.

Tripangodu Chira, with an area of a one-acre freshwater pond, maintains a healthy water level even in the extreme heat of the summer season. Kerala witnesses extreme summer from March to May every year. Almost all natural water bodies get dried and rivers flow at a dangerously low level.

Temple authorities and locals have renovated its boundary walls and steps in 2020 with a budget of 54 lakh rupees. During the temple festival, a ritual called Aaratu is held in the Chira.

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