Vattoliparambu is a small village in Mukkam municipality of Kozhikode district, Kerala. The village is located 2 kilometers away from Mutheri town on Kerala state highway 34 ( Koyilandi to Edavanna ). It is located 3 kilometers away from Mampetta on Mukkam – Kunnamangalam road.

Vattoliparambu is a junction where roads to four directions are available. Ambalakandy on north, Muthalam on west, Mutheri on east and Mampetta on south. Vattoliparambu is a shortcut to Koduvally and Thamarassery while traveling from Mukkam, Karassery and Kodiyathoor.

Until recently Vattoliparambu was an underdeveloped area due to lack of investment in the infrastructure building. After 2020 the village is undergoing through tremendous infrastructure development. The road to Mampetta has been widened, so within five minutes, one can reach Vattoliparambu from Mukkam town. More retail shops are being set up.

Vattoliparambu is becoming one of the industrial centers of Mukkam municipality. Availability of vast uninhabited land gives advantages for industrial investment. Vattoliparambu is famous for wood industry. People in surrounding areas depend Vattoliparambu for wood cutting. Aswathy Engineering works, a metal fabrication factory is located on Ambalakandy road.

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