Vishuppadam Tirur

Vishuppadam was one of the old trade fair ground where many traders and marchants came from surrounding villages of Malappuram district would flock to the fair ground two or three days before Vishu to sell their products during Vishu, the second largest festival in Kerala after Onam. Once bustling with the busy sounds of trade and commerce, the Vishuppadam near the temple held a cherished tradition during its Vishu season. Vishuppadam, which was situated near Thrikandiyur Temple in Tirur.

According to locals it existed for centuries and lasted in the middle of twenteeth century. For generations, this marketplace served as the heart of vishu festival in Tirur, where merchants and artisans showcased their wares and crafts. Vettathunadu kings started the trade fair. Earlier during Vettathunadu dynasty, barter system of trade existed for a long time. Rice, candies, mats, vegitables, fishes, clay potteries and even dogs were sold at the fair. However, over time, the once – thriving trade fair bagan to lose its glory due to medernisation which brought commercial complexes, townships and supermarkets. Furthermore, the Vishu itself underwent changes from once deep rooted cultural event to commercialisation. Many of the older residents reminisced about the days when the village flourished with excietment and joy. According to Tirur Dinesh, a famous historian from Tirur has verified that a very huge crowd of people had visited Vishuppadam on Vishu day.

Vishuppadam had well organised system and divided into different kandam. Each kandam was assigned into different products.

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