West Kaippuram

West Kaippuram

West Kaippuram is a fast growing village in Thiruvegappura grama panchayath of Palakkad district, Kerala. This town is the headquarters of Thiruvegappura panchayath office building. It is located on Valanchery – Koppam road. Valanchery and Koppam are located at an equal distance of 6 kilometers from here.

Thoothapuzha, a tributary of Bharathappuzha is flowing through the neighborhood of West Kaippuram. Thiruvegappura mahadeva temple which was built in 14th century located nearby. The temple is on the shore of Thoothapuzha. It is one of the major temples of Kerala and it is unique because of the presence of three prime deities (Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Sankaranarayana). Three flags (Kodimaram) that coexist in a single temple complex.

Thiruvegappura mahadeva temple

West Kaippuram is famous for the presence of Rayiranelloor mala, legendary Naranath Branthan lived. There is a bhranthan statue built on top of Rayiranelloor hill. Naranath brathan was believed to live 1500 years ago. He was the son of Vararuchi, famous astrologer of the time and adorned the court of King Vikramadithya. Naranath bhranthan came to Thiruvegappura for learning vedas. He chose Thiruvegappura and neighboring Rayiranelloor hill as his usual Adobe. Rayiranelloor hill is also known as “Bhranthachalam”. Naranath bhranthan is considered to be a divine person who pretended to be mad. Every year on first day of Thulam, third month in Malayalam calendar, believers mount Rayiranelloor hill together and visit Bhranthachalam.

The most famous thing of Naranath bhranthan which people think about him is habit of rolling big stones up the hill and letting them roll down back and laughing on seeing this sight.

Naranath bhranthan statue
West Kaippuram town
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