Aboobacker Master Parassery (1)

Aboobacker Master Parassery

Aboobacker Master Parassery (20 June 1957 – 9 July 2022) was a great social worker, teacher, organiser, religious leader, philanthropist in Karuthaparambu of Karassery grama Panchayath, Kozhikode district. He was a benevolent and a custodian of Islamic institutions in Karuthaparambu. He was the first president of Kerala Muslim Jamaath Karuthaparambu unit, treasurer of Masjid Taqwa, president of Sunni madrassa, KSSPU (Kerala State Service Pensioners Union) member and one of the founding members Karuthaparambu Masjid Taqwa and custodian of Sunni organisations and establishments in and around Karuthaparambu. Aboobacker Master was a real secular figure and kept good relationships with all irrespective of ideology and politics.


Aboobacker Master started his career as a Urdu teacher in AUP school Triprayar, Thrissur district. Later he transferred to Cherur government UP school and Cheekode government UP school in Malappuram district.

A philanthropist

Aboobacker Master was the frontrunner of charity activities in Karuthaparambu. He did charity activities among the people irrespective of religion and caste. All people in Karuthaparambu and neighbouring areas have benefited his kindness in one way or other way. Religious institutions, residential colonies were the major recipients of his contributions. During COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Aboobacker Master has donated his two months pension remuneration of 50000 rupees to CMDRF (Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund). He handed over the cheque to then Thiruvambady MLA George M Thomas. Upon request of then panchayath president of Karassery grama panchayath Mr. V.K Vinod, he distributed tender coconuts to the people who have tested positive for COVID-19. He has donated properties that worth lacks of rupees to old masjid and new masjid.

Beekeeper cum Trainer

Aboobacker Master was a highly skilled honey farmer or apiarist. He had special talent to make beehives of different categories. He commercially installed and collected honey and wax. He trained hundreds of people the art of beekeeping for a livelihood. Along with beehives sales, he conducted comprehensive training programmes like handling of beehives, feeding beehives, movement of beehives, learning about locations and operation and maintenance of boxes. As an industrialist apart from beekeeping, he was a pioneer in arrowroot farming and trading. He founded Parassery flour mill in Karuthaparambu town.

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