Koottilangadi is fast growing town which is located outskirt of Malappuram muncipality in Malappuram district, Kerala. Koottilangadi is a grama panchayath and a major commercial and trading hub of this area. Until the formation of Malappuram district on 16th of June 1969, Koottilangadi was part of Palakkad district. Kadalundi river was the natural border between former Kozhikode and Palakkad districts. Koottilangadi lies on the southern bank of Kadalundi river.

Koottilangadi NH 966

Historically Koottilangadi was the border between Eranad and Valluvanadu taluks during British India. As the name denotes, Koottilangadi means “the town of confluence” because two rivers merge at Koottilangadi town. Cherupuzha (Malappuram) merges with Kadalundi river here. Koottilangadi was a checkpost where goods vehicles were inspected before proceeding to Kozhikode and Palakkad districts.

Commercial centre

Koottilangadi was a major commercial and marketing hub of the area before constructing old bridge in 1911 by British Government. Koottilangadi old market or “Koottilangadi Chantha” was situated around old bridge area. People from all over Koottilangadi panchayath and neighboring places including Mankada, Makkaraparambu, Kuruva, Vattaloor used to depend on Koottilangadi Chantha. After the construction of new bridge across the Kadalundi river in 1964, importance of Koottilangadi Chantha lost over the time. Eventhough the town has lost its legacy of trade, now Koottilangadi is becoming a new business and trading centre.

Koottilangadi market road

Koottilangadi is well connected by road network. NH 966 which connects Kozhikode and Palakkad is passing through Koottilangadi town. Vallikkapatta road and Padapparambu road provide easy access to Manjeri and Valanchery respectively. Koottilangadi is endowed with many opportunities owing to proximity to Malappuram district headquarters and MSP (Malabar Special Police) camp. Perinthalmanna town is 19 kilometers away from Koottilangadi while Manjeri town is located about 12 kilometers away.

Koottilangadi is part of Mankada assembly constituency and Malappuram Loksabha constituency.

Bridges of Koottilangadi

Koottilangadi has two bridges built across Kadalundi river and one bridge across Cherupuzha, a tributary of Kadalundi river, first one is the old bridge which is an iconic landmark of Koottilangadi built by British Government in 1911. A Madras based company was responsible for the construction of the bridge and offered 50 years of guarantee. In 1960 a new bridge was planned parallely to old bridge and commissioned in 1964. The abandoned old bridge is still used by pedestrians to cross the river. In 1980 Government had plans to demolish the old bridge and recycle materials for other projects, but local agitations stopped the project.

Keeramkundu bridge, Koottilangadi

Koottilangadi is a football-savvy town as it is situated in Malappuram district, the “Mecca of Football” in Kerala.

A football turf in Koottilangadi
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