Alinthara is a fast growing small town situated in Omassery panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala.


Located 4 kilometers away from Omassery town and 28 kilometers away from Kozhikode city.

Major Facts

1. Alinthara is situated on famous Malayamma road (NIT to Koodathai) and it is the largest town on it.

2. Vennakode, Ambalakandy, West Vennakode and Thadathummal are neighboring villages. This town is well connected by roads into all four directions.

3. Alinthara is a fast growing commercial centre of this area. People from neighboring villages prefer to shop from here rather than their own locality. Many new retail outlets are being built along the main road side.

4. Public distribution system (Ration shop) is situated in Alinthara from where people can access subsidiced food grains distributed by Government.

5. Eventhough Alinthara is small town, it has no unified social and cultural life. People in Alinthara are affiliated to neighboring towns socially and culturally. People in south western part of the town has affiliated to Vennakode and northern parts of the town has strong relationship with Ambalakandy. Eastern side of the town is culturally and socially part of Erattakulangara.

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