Attappallam is an extended residential area of Kumily town.


Situated 2 kilometers away from Kumily town and 4 kilometers away from Thekkady of Idukki district, Kerala.

Auto stand, Attappallam

Major Facts

1. Attappallam is a small extension of Kumily town. It is a high density populated area of Kumily panchayath due to its favourable geographical conditions.

2. Despite of the undulating terrain of the Kumily panchayath, Attappallam is a flat landscape in the foothills of the Ottakathalamedu viewpoint from where Kumily town and Periyar lake can be viewed.

3. Attappallam was a paddy field in the beginning of the twentieth century. Due to favourable conditions for housing, paddy fields was widely destroyed. Now almost all the paddy fields in the area have been disappeared.

Paddy fields in Attappallam

4. The area is ideal for the cultivation of cardomom, coconut and arecanut. But agricultural activities are minimal here. Lands are mainly used for housing, spice parks and entertainment parks.

5. Due to the proximity to the Thekkady, a famous tourist destination in Kerala, Attappallam attracts many tourists to the spice gardens and entertainment park in the village. Rose Park is one of the best entertainment and adventurous park in Idukki district, is located in the heart of Attappallam. Many tourists who visit Thekkady also stops in Rose Park.

Rose Park, Attappallam

6. There is a BEVCO beverage outlet here. It is the sole beverage outlet of the Kerala state Government in Kumily – Thekkady area.

Beverage outlet

7. Mannaratharayil, a flower garden and nursery, situated here.

Mannaratharayil nursery

8. St. Thomas forane church, one of the prestigious churches of this area, is located between 1st Mile and Attappallam. It has a magnificent architecture and beauty in its design and construction.

St.Thomas forane church

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