Amarad Waterfalls

Amarad Waterfalls is an enthralling and alluring white patches of forest streams which invigorate one’s chaotic state of constant movement in a busy urban life, replenish your thoughts from anthropogenic environment. Amarad is a calm and placid spot in the midst of a densely verdant hills in the Western Ghat mountains of Kozhikode district.

Amarad Waterfalls is just half an hour walkable distance from Kattippara town. The access to the site is little challenging and constrained due to lack of paved roads and narrow forest walkways. Tourists have to climb up to the site through land owned by private individuals. It requires a mini trekking to reach the site.

Water here falls from a great height through a slope rocky hill and create a plunge pool at the bottom which offers one of the exotic waterfall bathing experience in Kerala. Bathing is safer here except early monsoon period (June to September). In monsoon season and in the time of heavy rain, there are possibilities of sudden surge of water caused by flash floods. Amarad Waterfalls is safer than other waterfalls in Kozhikode district which is notorious for the death traps in waterfalls. Period between October to February is ideal time for visiting Amarad Waterfalls.

Safety Warning

Amarad Waterfalls is one of the safest tourism hotspot in Kozhikode district. It is essential to keep your family and friends happy and protect from casualties. All visitors are highly recommended to wear safety boots, as long walk is required to reach destination. Slippery surfaces might pose a serious threat unless wearing proper boots with sure grip. It is highly recommended to wear safety vest before entering into plunge pool, even if you are an expert swimmer. Proper warnings from local authorities and local people should not be avoided. Local people in the area are vigilant and alert about the use of drugs and alcohol, such consumptions might face serious objections from them.

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