Pullooni is a beautiful village near the western coast of Malappuram district, Kerala. It is known for its bucolic scenery of paddy fields dotted with coconut trees and pleasant coastal climatic condition. It lies near the town of Alathiyur on Alathiyur – Purathur road in Tirur taluk.

Pullooni is well known for its Pulloonikavu Bhagavathi Temple, one of the oldest Bhagavathi temples in Vettathunadu. Pullooni is also the area that is most closely associated with the great Malayalam poet Vallathol Narayana Menon. Vallathol, in his younger age, established Parishkara Abhivridhini Sabha at Pullooni for the growth of Malayalam literature. Vallathol Narayana Menon was born in 1878 at Chennara near Mangalam Town.

Pulloonikavu Bhagavathi Temple

Pulloonikavu Bhagavathi Temple is one of the ancient and popular temples in erstwhile Vettathunadu. Hundreds of devotees visit temple to whorship irrespective of religion and caste. Many muslims devotees visit temple for self fulfillment. Historically muslims used to participate in annual procession. Temple authorities used to invite Yahu Thangal nearby BP Angadi for annual temple festival.

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