Ambalamukku is a residential small agrarian village town in Omassery panchayath.


Situated in the Omassery panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. Located 24 kilometers away from Kozhikode town and 5 kilometers away from Omassery.

Major Facts

1. Ambalamukku is situated on the famous Malayamma road, a road which connects NIT Kozhikode and Koodathai.

2. Ambalamukku has a diverse physical geography. Both highlands and fertile paddy fields can be seen here. Highland area is mainly found in the western part of the village. Paddy fields and a water stream run through parallely on the northern area of the village. This paddy field physically separate Ambalamukku and Vennakode.

3. This village was a major rice growing area due to the abundance of paddy fields. Banana and tapioca are the traditional favoured crops of the farmers in this area. Now the cultivation of rice is very rare here due to high cost and unavailability of enough labour force.

4. Ambalamukku is becoming a small commercial centre of this area. Small retail outlets which sell food, fish and vegetable can be found here. There is no supermarket here.

5. Ambalamukku is famous for its temple.

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