1st mile kumily

1st Mile, Kumily

1st Mile, Kumily is a small town situated just 1 kilometers away from Kumily town. It is part of the Kumily panchayath and the town. The town got its name from the distance from Kumily.


1st Mile, also known as Amaravathi, is situated on Munnar to Kumily state highway 19, in Idukki district, Kerala at an altitude of 880 metre from sea level.

Major Facts

  1. This town is situated in the middle of one of the major tourist destinations in Kerala, Thekkady.
  2. There are many beautiful and breathtaking view points in and aroud 1st Mile with better connected roads.
  3. Ottakathalamedu is a mesmerizing viewpoint from where Kumily town and Periyar tiger reserve lake can be seen. It has resemblence with Chamundi hills of Mysore where Mysore city can be viewed.

4. 1st Mile (Amaravathy) has witnessed famous hunger strike by A.K Gopalan, leader of CPI(M), who protested against the sufferings of displaced people by Kerala Government. Under the order of then chief minister Pattam Thanupillai, police displaced a group of families from Ayyappankovil to 1st Mile to acquire land for Idukki Hydro project. Displaced people were not given adequate shelter or sanitation in newly displaced area where many of them succumbed to death or diseases.

5. 1st Mile is a major outskirt of the fast growing Kumily town. An amusement and adventurous park called “Rose Park” is situated here and most of the tourists visit Thekkady also stops here.

Rose park, Thekkady

6. 1st Mile houses several elephant camps where the tourists can ride on the elephant. Elephant feeding and bathing activities are also allowed in these camps.

7. 1st Mile has a junction from where two roads head to Kattapana, one through Anakkara and other one through Anavilasam.

8. Cardomom is the major crops cultivated in this area as the town is located in the cardomom hills of Kerala. There are many cardomom processing and selling centers found here.

9. 1st Mile has many big hotels and resorts like Poetree Sarovar Portico and Hills and Hues. There area other small hotels and homestays are also located here due to the proximity to the Thekkady.

10. Periyar tiger reserve is situated just 5 kilometers away from here.

Poetree Sarovar Portico resort
Hills and Hues resort

11. St. Thomas forane church, one of the prestigious religious centers of the area, is located in the heart of 1st Mile. It has a magnificent architecture and beauty in its construction.

St. Thomas forane church

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