A place of royal consorts of Travencore. This palace was a summer retreat of the wife of the erstwhile Maharaja of Travencore, popularly known as Ammachikottaram , meaning “Palace of Ammachi “.

Travencore royal family had matriarchal system in Travencore, the Maharaja’s sister was the queen or Maharani, not his wife. Thus the wife, a non-royal, hold the title of “Ammachi”.

Ammachikottaram is situated in serene bullocks of Peerumedu, a plantation town in Idukki district in Kerala. Peerumedu is 80 kilometers away from Kottayam and 40 kilometers away from Kumily. National Highway 183 Kollam- Dindigul pass through Peerumedu.

The palace was built upon the ghat at Glenrock estate by J D Munro in the 19th century. The palace nestled in the cool tea and coffee growing highlands. The palace is 3500 feet above sea level.

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