1.Karanthur is fast growing town in Kunnamangalam Grama Panchayath in Kozhikode district, Kerala.

2. Karanthur is situated both sides of National Highway 766 Kozhikode- Kollegal.

3. Karanthur is famous for the presence of Marakazu Saqafathi Sunniya, an educational and religious institution in Kerala. More than 12000 students from all over India and the world learn religious studies. Markaz provide a graduation certificate in the name of “Saqafi” after finishing the course. Markaz also runs schools, engineering colleges, law colleges. Important personalities of social and political importance frequently visit Markaz. Markaz is also a headquarters of AP faction Sunnis of Kerala.

4. Karanthur is known for its martial arts “Kalaripayattu” and ayurveda treatment.

5. Chandran Gurukkal was a celebrated martial artist who introduced the combined art of Karate, wrestling, Kalaripayattu and boxing for the first time to this area.He was a renowned sports injury specialist who made traditional curative solutions for the treatment of physical immobility and infirmity. Karanthur is also known as “Place of Chandran Gurukkal”.

Markaz English Medium school, Karanthur

6. Chelavur in Karanthur is also known for its marital art Kalaripayattu and sports injury clinic. Chelavur Mamu muslyar was a guru of Kalaripayattu and has thousands of students.

7. Karanthur is located on the banks of Poonoor river.

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