Anayamkunnu is a small town in Karassery grama panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. Anayamkunnu which lies on the eastern bank of river Iruvanjipuzha while Mukkam city is on the west of the river. South flowing Iruvanjipuzha turns a turn to west near Anayamkunnu. Eventhogh Anayamkunnu is in Karassery panchayath, it is considered as a suburban of Mukkam municipality. Iruvanjipuzha, a major tributary of Chaliyar river, separates both Mukkam and Anayamkunnu. New Mukkam kadavu bridge enables vehicles from Mukkam town to reach Anayamkunnu in seconds. Earlier North Karassery road was the only road which connected both Mukkam and Anayamkunnu.

Anayamkunnu along with Vallathaipara serves as a gateway to Western Ghat mountains in the east. Flat landscape (Idanadu) ends here and mountain (Malanadu) starts.

Anayamkunnu is highly fertile due to existence of Iruvanjipuzha and duringsout west monsoon season, Iruvanjipuzha overflows and fine soil and silt gets deposited on its banks. These form rich alluvial soil which is highly fertile for crops and plants. Coconut, arecanut, banana and other vegetables which grow in and around  Anayamkunnu.

Vayalil Moyi Haji Memorial  Higher Secondary School (VMHMHSS) which was established in 1979 is a major educational institution in Karassery grama panchayath.

Radio village

Anayamkunnu has become a radio village by distributing radio sets to the all people in the village under a local scheme of Karassery grama panchayath. It aims to bring back the lost good days of radio era. Radio lost its glory and relevance after the advent of television and later mobile phones. Now radio stations are introducing more popular and competitive programmes that  will compete television and social networking sites.

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