Ayyappankovil is a vibrant township turned uninhabited small village in Idukki district of Kerala. Ayyappankovil is situated 11 kilometers away from Kattappana town on Kattappana – Kuttikkanam road.

Ayyappankovil was a busy township in the first half of twentieth century and was one of the largest town in Idukki highrange area until it was submerged during the flooding of water in Idukki reservoir. It is said that there had shops, police station, post office and movie theaters in a two kilometers long street. Kerala Government has evacuated many people and shifted towns into neighboring places in Idukki to construct one the largest arch dam in Asia. Ayyappankovil was one of the major town which was submerged. Kattappana, the largest town in Idukki highrange, emerged as big city only after the destruction of Ayyappankovil. Many other townships along with Ayyappankovil, like Vairamani disappeared and families were relocated to othe places.

Now Ayyappankovil remains under water atleast five to six months in monsoon season. Ayyappankovil  is becoming a fascinating tourism hotspot in Idukki district where tourists are seeking new destinations rather than already established destinations like Munnar and Thekkady. Ayyappankovil has emerged as standalone tourism circuit rather than a transit stop en route to Thekkady. Ayyappankovil and adjacent areas offers many activities for tourists who can stay one or two days here. Ayyappankovil hanging bridge is the longest suspension hanging  bridge in Kerala with 200 metre in length. The bridge was commissioned in 2013. Scienic and picturesque landscape around the hanging bridge attracts thousands of travelers to this unique place. Thick bamboo forest, rich vegetation and presence of Mannan tribal communities make the place more exquisite and charm. Kozhimala near Ayyappankovil is the headquarters of Mannan tribal communities and their king, who is recognized an a king officially by Kerala Government, resides in the hill. Mannan communities use traditional fishing methods to catch fish. Tourists are allowed to visit tribal areas and interact with people and meet their king.

Ayyappa temple

An ancient Sastha temple is an iconic landmark of Ayyappankovil, as even the name of Ayyappankovil itself has been derived from this Sastha temple. It is widely believed that temple is 1600 years old and one of the temples created by Lord Parasurama. After the construction of Idukki dam, KSEB took over the temple and  shifted to neighboring Thoppipala. But people from Kozhimala Hill and other places countinued to flock old temple site for poojas and prayer. Later locals erected the temple into higher level where temple won’t submerged completely. During rainy monsoon season, believers ride on boats and yacht to reach the temple.

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