Situated 13 kilometers east of Kasargod town, Badiadka pulsates with the vibrancy of a border town. Straddling the border between Kerala and Karnataka, Badiadka is a fast growing town with diverse cultures and languages. The town is also known as Perdala.

Malayalam, the language of Kerala, and Kannada, the tongue of Karnataka, form the town’s two dominant soundscape. The Konkani community adds its distinct lilt, while whispers of Hindi and Tulu weave a beautiful multilingual harmony.

Badiadka’s streets echo with the greetings of a multitude of heritages, a testament to the town’s welcoming spirit and its long history as a bridge between two vibrant states.

State highway 31, which connects from Cherkala to Perla in Enmakaje grama panchayath, is an important road connectivity to Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka border.

Kasargod Medical College is located nearby Ukkinadka. Medical College foundation stone was laid by theN Chief minister Oommen Chandy and construction work started in 2016. Ukkinadka lies in the vicinity of Enmakaje panchayat, a place forever marked by the Endosulfan disaster. This tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the environmental challenges the region has faced. Despite the shadows of the past, Ukkinadka’s new medical college signifies a positive shift. The town is poised to become a center for medical education and improved healthcare, offering a brighter future for the community. Endosulfan use resulted in a huge number of deaths and also resulted unusual environment with children and calves with deformed bodies.

Badiadka and neighboring regions are major arecanut and cashew nut producing area in the state. These cash crops form the backbone of the local economy, providing a livelihood for many families. Badiadka has a tropical climate. In most months of the year there is significant rainfall in Badiadka.

Badiadka is famous for its Saturday market. Chillis hypermarket is a main shopping center in Badiadka.

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