Vandiperiyar is a significant plantation town in the scenic district of Idukki, Kerala. Renowned for its lush greenery and thriving spices cultivation and business. Vandiperiyar is famous for cultivating various spices such as cardomom and black pepper, along with tea and coffee. Tea, coffee and pepper plantations are the backbone of Vandiperiyar economy.

Vandiperiyar is located 18 kilometers away from kumily town on famous Kottayam-Kumily road or simply K.K Road. City is 18 kilometers away from Kerala Tamilnadu border.

Periyar, the longest river in Kerala with a length of 244 kilometres, is flowing through the heart of Vandiperiyar town. It is a perennial river with water flow throughout the year. The river originates from the remote areas of Periyar Tiger Reserve which is part of Western Ghat Mountain. Well known Mullaperiyar dam was constructed on the west flowing Periyar river to divert water into rain shadow areas of Tamilnadu in the east. The dam was built in 1895 by British Government. Even though the river originates and flows entirely through Kerala side, its management and operations are completely under the jurisdiction of Tamilnadu government. Vandiperiyar town is 14 down of Mullaperiyar dam. There is a speculation about the vulnerability of the dam among public. Vandiperiyar and Vallakadavu, as well as some other villages nearby, would be directly impacted immediately if the 100 year old Mullaperyar dam breaks. Vandiperiyar is located beneath of 126 years old Mullaperiyar dam made with concrete prepared from limestone and surkhi.

Famous tourist destination, Thekady, located 18 kilometers away from Vandiperiyar. Vandiperiyar is located close to Periyar tiger reserve which houses more than 50 tigers.

Vandiperiyar is well connected by road. 93 kilometers from Kottayam.

Vandiperiyar is also a tourist location where many spice gardens and farms are located. Tourists can visit and purchase spices and spice plants. State Vegitable Farm under Government of Kerala is being operated here by Department of Agriculture. There are so much plants and spice varieties available here. Vandiperiyar is one of the major gateway to Gavi, one of the major ecotourism hotspots of south India. People start having trip from Vandiperiyar.

Vandiperiyar is a bilingual plantation town where people speak both malayalam and Tamil. Sign boards in the town are written in both malayalam and tamil. There is a sizable amount of Tamil community in Vandiperiyar.

Idukki district’s first airstrip is being built in Vandiperiyar. It is National Cadet Corps’ first and only airstrip in the country. This strip is to provide training for NCC air wing cadets.

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