1. Chathamangalam is a Grama Panchayath situated between Cherupuzha river and Iruvanji river in Kozhikode district, Kerala.

2. Chathamangalam houses major educational institutions like National institute of Technology (NIT Calicut), National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT).

3. Famous MVR Cancer center is situated in Chuloor, Chathamangalam.

4. Chathamangalam is a historic town. A sub-registrar office was set up in 1906 and A public library was established in 1944, was a knowledge center of the area.

5. Chathamangalam is an agrarian place where two rivers provide water and fertile lands to farmers. Chathamangalam has abundant paddy fields. Rice and banana are major agricultural products from here. Tapioca and vegetables are also cultivated.

6. Regional Poultry farm is located in Kattangal, Chathamangalam. It is a farm in about 5 acres. It supply chicks to neighboring districts. Approximately more than 10000 chicks are supplied from here weekly.

Regional poultry farm, Chathamangalam

7. Areekulangara Devi temple is a main temple situated here.

Areekulangara Devi temple

8. Chathamangalam is a Hindu majority grama panchayath with substantial amounts Muslim community live in east north east parts of Chathamangalam.

9. Kattangal is a major town in Chathamangalam. It is a commercial headquarters of Chathamangalam. Students from all over India study in different educational institutions, make Kattangal a fast growing business and residential centers of Kozhikode district

NIT Mega hostel in Kattangal, Chathamangalam

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