Cherumukku is a village in Nannambra panchayath of Malappuram district near Tirurangadi. It lies on Kundoor – Tirurangadi road and Kakkad – Cherumukku road which connects Cherumukku with NH 66 merges with Kundoor – Tirurangadi road. Cherumukku is easily accessible from Tirurangadi and Kakkad.

Cherumukku is well known for its vast paddy fields where pink water lilies blossom when fields are filled with water in monsoon season. Cherumukku has emerged as a major local tourism hotspot as locals throng to see nature’s seasonal visual treat. Water lily or simply calls Ambal in Malayalam is certainly a weed for paddy farmers which is usually destroyed ahead of cultivation. But southwest monsoon brings back Ambal into the fields¬† along with water. Ambal starts blooming in July soon after the arrival of monsoon and ends this visual treat in October before starting northeast monsoon.

Cherumukku, though situates in Nannambra panchayath, it creates border between Nannambra panchayath and Tirurangadi municipality. Paddy fields separate both panchayath and municipality.

Cherumukku is a muslim majority village and is a major seat of islamic culture and education as it lies close to Tirurangadi, a major centre of islamic culture and education. Tirurangadi where Malabar Rebellion outbroke in 1921 which spread throughout Malabar region especially Eranad and Valluvanadu talks of erstwhile Malabar district. Presence Mamburam Makham executes an added value to sustain moral bonds between people and culture of the area. Mamburam Makham is the holy shrine of Qutubuzzaman Sayyid Alavi Thangal, a charismatic icon of Islam and anti-colonial struggles, is revered by muslims in Malabar. Mamburam is the holiest place of Malabar muslims next only to Ponnani. Thousands of muslims visit the shrine everyday to pay homage to Mamburam Thangal. It is widely believed that Mamburam Thangal showed the location of Cherumukku Masjid throwing a stone when people had confused to take decision where to build a mosque.

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